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PARTS / Components

  • img-howtobuild-parts-01 14 x STIX MARKER
  • img-howtobuild-parts-05 4 x STIX MARKER WITHOUT CAP
  • img-howtobuild-parts-03 2 x RECTANGULAR CONNECTOR

Building Steps

  1. img-tank-step-01

    Step 1

    First step is to make 1 set of the tank tracks using 6 pens. Connect 3 pens to each other (side to side) to create the bottom part of the circular shape. Another 3 pens are required for the upper half of the circle. We need to twist the cap of 2 pens twice clockwise. Don’t twist the cap of the third pen. Connect the pens to each other making sure the first pen has the male connectors of the cap facing up and the second pen has the female connectors facing up. Attach the upper half to the lower half of the circle to complete the tank track.
  2. img-tank-step-02

    Step 2

    Repeat Step 1 to construct the second set of tank tracks.
  3. img-tank-step-03

    Step 3

    Use 2 pens and 2 rectangular connectors to construct the main upper structure of the tank, making sure that the female connectors of the triangular connectors are faced up.
  4. img-tank-step-04

    Step 4

    Construct 2 canons by connecting 2 pens without caps to the structure of Step 3.
  5. img-tank-step-05

    Step 5

    Repeat Step 4 for the 2 upper canons.
  6. img-tank-step-06

    Step 6

    Finalise the tank by attaching the main upper structure from Step 5 to the tank tracks constructed at Step 2.