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PARTS / Components

  • img-howtobuild-parts-01 14 x STIX MARKER
  • img-howtobuild-parts-02 2 x STIX MARKER CAP
  • img-howtobuild-parts-03 6 x RECTANGULAR CONNECTOR
  • img-howtobuild-parts-07 3 x TRIANGLE - MALE CONNECTOR

Building Steps

  1. img-plan-step-01

    Step 1

    Construct the propeller using 2 rectangular and 1 triangle-male connector. Use 2 caps and 2 triangle-male connectors to create the vertical stabiliser that will be connected later to the back of the plane.
  2. img-plan-step-02

    Step 2

    Construct the base construction using 4 pens. Make sure the female connectors are facing up.
  3. img-plan-step-03

    Step 3

    Connect 2 pens (base to top) to each other. Repeat this step. Add 2 rectangular connectors to create the wings.
  4. img-plan-step-04

    Step 4

    Detach the cap from the pen, twist it twice in clockwise direction and connect the cap of the pen again. Do this for 5 pens. Connect the 5 pens to each other to create a circular shape, make sure to expose the male connectors to the outside. Add the top pen in opposite direction to the rest of the pens to finalise the circle pattern, making sure the female connectors are faced up (twist the cap in clockwise direction once). Add 2 rectangular connectors to the top and bottom of the structure. Finally add the parts from Step 1.
  5. img-plan-step-05

    Step 5

    Add the base of the plane to the structure of Step 4.
  6. img-plan-step-06

    Step 6

    Add the wings to complete the plane.