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PARTS / Components

  • img-howtobuild-parts-01 6 x STIX MARKER
  • img-howtobuild-parts-02 20 x STIX MARKER CAP
  • img-howtobuild-parts-03 2 x RECTANGULAR CONNECTOR
  • img-howtobuild-parts-06 2 x 45° TRIANGLE - CONNECTOR
  • img-howtobuild-parts-07 3 x TRIANGLE - MALE CONNECTOR

Building Steps

  1. img-car-step-01

    Step 1

    Required parts for the first step are 10 caps and 1 pen. Use 5 caps for each wheel and attach them to the pen as seen on the first image.
  2. img-car-step-02

    Step 2

    Repeat Step 1 for the rear set of wheels.
  3. img-car-step-03

    Step 3

    Connect a 45° triangle connector and a triangle-male connector to the end of a pen.
  4. img-car-step-04

    Step 4

    Repeat Step 3. Add 2 rectangular connectors to the construction and add an additional pen to the middle of the structure for extra strength. Finalise the top structure by adding a pen for the spoiler.
  5. img-car-step-05

    Step 5

    Connect the parts from Step 2 and 4 to finalise the car.